Monday, August 29, 2011

Adventures in Camping...

So we finally pulled out the old tent, packed up the Suburban and took off for a couple of days of adventure in 'the wild'. None of us can even remember the last time we went camping, it's been that long, so we were due.

We drove to Hauser Lake, just outside of Helena. Set up camp and within minutes saw lighting and heard thunder. The first crack of lightning and thunder were split seconds apart and I instantly said to Jeff, "That was close!" So we hopped in the Suburban and went for a quick drive to check out the area. As is usual form for afternoon Montana storms the skies were clear in less than 20 minutes, so we headed back to camp. (Had some good views of a double rainbow - that the photos just don't do justice too.)

The last time we camped (years upon years ago) we went to Holter Lake, between Great Falls and Helena. On that venture we discovered that Holter's bathroom did not have running water so after using the restroom one had to head to the nearest outdoor spigot and wash ones hands, soap-free (unless you had thought ahead and packed some camp soap that is). So the decision was made to give Hauser a try this time around, as Hauser actually has/had running water & soap in the bathroom (the little things turn out to be quite important when one is tent-camping).

So we arrived back in camp, after the little storm passed through. Got moving on the campfire, made our dinner and enjoyed the meal. After dinner we ventured to the water pump to get some water for washing dishes and discovered there was no water! Turns out that little lightning strike hit a transformer immediately outside of the campground and the water pumps were electric - so no water for us! We managed, it was like tent camping in the back country (haven't done that in almost 30 years)!

Our campsite - definitely one of the best tent sites

After s'mores by the campfire we headed to bed for the night...Jeff and I quickly realized a few hours in that our bodies just aren't made for tent camping anymore, but we lived to tell!

Ventured out on the lake over the next two days and enjoyed our little adventure immensely!

The view of the Hauser dam from the boat

Hauser Dam

Jeff - ready to tube!

Jared - always loves being on the boat!

Jeff & Jared in the 'rocket' as Jared called it!

Jared & Teddy - just waking up on Day 2