Wednesday, March 23, 2011


That’s me howling at the moon…last Saturday we had a full moon, happens every month as you know. Well for me it usually means a week of less sleep. I can be completely unaware of when a full moon is, on the calendar, but my body always knows. The rest of the month I’ll sleep like a rock, but for a few days each month when the moon is full I sleep less.

This month the full moon was known as a Super Moon, as it was closer to the Earth than it has been in almost 20 years. Great Falls decided to be cloud covered so we were unable to see any of the moon's glory. We were kind of bummed, as we wanted to catch a glimpse and perhaps a photo or two, but no such luck this time around. Apparently the next chance to see a Super Moon will be in 2016 – so I’ll have to be sure I’m awake (no problem there) and ready to watch it! In the meantime I'm getting ready for a good night's rest...keep your fingers crossed that tonight is the night!

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