Monday, November 1, 2010

New Beginnings

Over the past few years, I've been following more than a few blogs and I continue to think that I should be blogging.  Of course, my family thinks I'm nuts to take this on but I'm gonna try to run with it, if for no other reason than to give them a good chuckle.  There are many times each day when I think of great topics to blog about; stupid driving moments (mine and others), my life story, an attitude of gratitude journal, adventures in parenting, etc.  So I'll begin this adventure and we'll see how it goes. 

So let's launch this journey...

Today was a Monday, it wasn't one of those horrible, very bad day Monday's, it was just a typical Monday.  It blew in with a vengeance, literally (58mph 'gusts')...and now I'm just waiting for it to blow away.  

I've never been much of a morning person and Monday's always seem to be harder than the rest of the week.  Maybe it's because I revel in my quiet, no-alarm, sleep-in late, relaxing weekends; Monday's just don't seem to go over really well with me.  I wake up and the phrase "Dawn of the Living Dead" almost always comes to mind as I stumble my way through the dark to the bathroom to begin my morning rituals.  My morning cup of coffee is my shower; I am not human until I've been awakened by a deluge of water pouring down on me.  Since I'm not a coffee drinker this works out well, my shower is like a jolt of caffeine.  A zombie steps in and I step out, a human being ready to tackle my day.  So now that Monday is nearing it's end I'm looking forward to Tuesday as I know that each day of the week gets easier as I make my way to another quiet, no-alarm, sleep-in late, relaxing weekend. 


  1. Hi Joan, welcome to the nut house!

    I have a feeling I will enjoy your long cold winter from afar.


  2. Yay for Bloggin'! (I'm your first 'follower' - woot!!) Can't wait to see more from you!!