Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Page Turner

To say that I am an avid reader would be an understatement.  The fact that I have raised two readers as well is something that I am very happy about. Like their mother, Justin and Jared are voracious readers.  While growing up, trips to the library with my boys were a weekly occurrence.   From the time the boys were about 6 & 8-years old their favorite gift for birthdays and holidays has been Barnes & Noble gift cards.  To say that giving one of us a gift card to a book store has been like giving crack to an addict would be an understatement.  I raised my boys with the phrase ‘eat a good book everyday’.  I admit we are book-aholics and I'm darn proud of that fact!  

In every home we’ve lived in I’ve had Jeff build us bookshelves.  When house hunting in California I knew the place that became our home was made for us when I walked into one of the bedrooms and there were built in bookshelves…it was meant to be!  We moved into our home in Great Falls in 1999 and Jeff began construction.  Both of the upstairs bedrooms have floor to ceiling bookshelves, designed for the boys; after all these years those shelves are overflowing.  
Jared's bedroom shelves and the piles of books on the floor in front that just don't fit in!
After setting the boys up, Jeff headed down to my office and built an entire wall of shelves for me.  Bliss, rapture, delight, sheer joy!  After all these years we’ve managed to pack those shelves to the limit!


Several years back, Justin moved downstairs into the larger, former guest room. It was one of the few remaining rooms without any shelving.  He recently installed his first set of bookshelves…I’m certain it won’t be the last set of bookshelves he installs in his life!
Bookshelves built by Justin

From romance to biography, science fiction to history, mystery to humor my bookshelves are filled with every imaginable genre.  It’s hard to name my favorites, as the list is far too extensive.  In recent years some of my favorite fictional authors have included Nora Roberts, Ken Follett, Audrey Niffenegger , Mitch Albom, Janet Evanovich, and Nicholas Sparks. 

Due to the nutsiness that is fall in our household, back to school, football season, organizing a Buddy Walk®, etc. the pile of books on the floor by my bed has been neglected a bit lately.  It’s almost like rabbits, it keeps multiplying! I’ve cut myself off, I am not allowed to venture into a book store until I’ve managed to take down this pile (oh, and the night stand behind the pile is also full of books too)! Hmmm, perhaps I shouldn’t have started a blog right now and tackled my reading pile…time to get reading. 


  1. I'm envious of your book habit! ;) I used to read all the time, but not so much since kiddos arrived. I so desperately miss reading something that doesn't rhyme, and the characters are not Muppets... but I know it is all for the sake of getting my kids to love reading, hopefully as much as your two do! Great job, Super Mom!!

  2. Shanna,
    You'll get there! I promise! And you are right, you are creating readers by reading to them - continue doing that as long as you can (I read to the boys through their high school years - we'd all read Harry Potter and things like that together)! Some of our favorites - and your kids aren't far off - Box Car Children, Ready Freddy, Geronimo Stilton, Narnia series, Harry Potter (give them a few years for that set)! One joy of parenting, there is no end to reading to your kids...but the books do grow up with the kids! :-)