Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some Weeks May Come and Some Weaks Must Go!

Some weeks we’d rather not live over again and this past week has been one of those for me; it’s been weak and I’m just glad it’s over! I am an eternal optimist, but I was having a hard time finding the bright lining in this week, needless to say I’m very glad that it’s over and thrilled that I’ve been granted the opportunity to start anew!

It all began last week Thursday with Jared being diagnosed with Celiac – that’s okay, not a big deal, some adjustment but we’ll manage and get used to it. Moving forward already!

Monday comes along and we have our usual Monday-morning-get-back-into-the-routine morning. I arrive at work and an hour later I am without a PC – it’s a less than two-year old HP and its ‘fried’, as the technician says. Again, that’s okay, not a big deal, I’ve got a laptop (my personal one, but this is an emergency) so I can still get a few things done!

Tuesday comes along and we are headed out the door to start out day. Our usual morning routine is Jeff making Jared and I breakfast and Jared’s lunch while Jared and I go about the business of attempting to make ourselves presentable for the day. We devour our breakfast and race out the door (sometimes we do these things simultaneously). We were fine on time (for a change) and all was well – now, mind you, even when/if we are running late (which happens often) I’m not one to speed, I just figure we’ll get to school and work when we get there and I’d much rather we arrive in one piece. I’ve annoyed a few folks because I tend to be the one who stops at a yellow – I see no point in racing through when the likelihood is that I will wind up stopped at the next light right beside the car that raced through. Our usual route of travel is 10th Ave South (one of the busiest streets in the state – but Great Falls has NOTHING on LA freeways, even though there are plenty of GF residents who seem to think so) to 15th Street (a one-way) where I proceed to turn left and head toward Central where Jared’s school is located. So on this particular Tuesday morning Jared and I are going about our business and since the light on 10th Ave S is in my favor to make a left turn onto 15th St, and the closest oncoming car is still four blocks away, I proceed to turn left onto 15th St. Almost immediately a police officer pulls out of a parking lot and turns on his lights. I pull over (he doesn't, which I found odd) and I proceed to roll down my window, he stays in his car. I start to yell out my window, “What did I do?” I know I wasn’t speeding! He slowly heads toward my car and proceeds to tell me that since I turned onto a one-way it is illegal to turn into the outside lane (which I did) as another oncoming car may have wished to turn right at the same time and it would have/could have caused an accident. I attempted to explain that the closest car was four blocks away and I could assure him that I would not have turned if there were any chance of a vehicle being closer than two blocks, turning or otherwise. Besides, my little, yellow, happy-face covered car would never hurt a fly!  He wasn’t buying anything I was saying, he simply informed me that what I had done was illegal – I guess he made the decision that I was the chosen one to be made an example of for the morning. In the time I have been driving (VERY scary to say that it’s approaching 30 years!) I have received two tickets, both for speeding, one during each of my two pregnancies (just FYI - there is no way that I am pregnant now). I am certain that I have been driving longer than this police officer has been alive! I’m irritated by the fact that this ticket – my first in 20 years – isn’t for something more worthwhile, something ‘real’, something like speeding!

Wednesday managed to sneak by without issue…sigh.

Thursday rolls around and Jared is complaining of an ear ache again. Miraculously, we’ve managed to go two years without ear issues and to say that is a blessing would be an understatement – not sure what we were doing right or how we were doing it but we’d somehow managed to keep him healthy. This year he’s going three for three…an ear infection in September, one in October and now November rolls in – BAM, another ear infection. He and I are sitting together relaxing quietly and we hear a strange noise (sounded like when someone pinches their nose during a sneeze). I asked him if he’d sneezed and he replies, “No that was my ear!” Yikes! And we have drainage! Jared and I had been planning on heading over to Missoula with Jeff for the weekend, but everything was up in the air at that moment.

Friday rolls around and things finally start to look brighter – it’d been a week…Thursday to Thursday and I was ready to start anew! We were still trying to decide if we were going to Missoula or not, but Jared – the trooper that he is – headed off to school and I to work. I had the excitement and pleasure of acquiring a brand new computer for work – I picked it up at 11:30am and headed back to the office for my last hour of work and started the fun of getting it up and running (more fun to look forward to at work on Monday!). I left work at 12:30, picked Jared up from school and headed straight to the doctor’s office. Sure enough, his right ear has burst (no surprise there). We made the decision to head off to Missoula, armed with lots of medicine!

So here we are relaxing in Missoula; getting ready to head to our favorite place for lunch, the Good Food Store and afterward taking in a little caffe at the local café. Ahhhh, this is just what the doctor ordered…here’s to weak endings and new beginnings!

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