Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What’s in a name?

When Justin was about five he started asking me for a nickname. I noted that with a name like Justin it’d be a bit hard to come up with a nickname tied to his name. It was about that time that Jared really started to speak. To this day we don’t know if Jared was saying “Justin” or saying “brother” but he started to call Justin “Audie”. Justin has been our Audie ever since. I don’t think he’s ever been embarrassed by it either. Although now that I think about it there was the time when he was playing football on the football field as a sophomore in high school and I was busy on the sidelines screaming, “Go Audie Go!”

For some reason Jared often adds an “O” to the end of words…he calls Jeff “Daddy-O” and when called he often replies “Whatdi-O?” I have always been “Aunie-O” and Justin will forever be our “Audie-O”.

A few years ago my sister Beth came to visit. She has always been Beth or Aunt Beth; our family has never called her anything else. On this particular visit, Jared, being the comic that he so often is, looked at Beth with a straight face and said, “Well all right Betty!” to which she replied, “Well, okay then Jerry!” So now they are both known as Betty and Jerry (and very often he is called “Jerry-O”).

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