Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adventures in the Produce Aisle

I’ve never been a big fan of vegetables, or fruits for that matter. I was born allergic to most foods and as a result I’ve just never really developed a taste for fruits & vegetables. When I attempted to eat them at various times throughout my life (when I was pregnant for example) I have not been a fan. So fruits & vegetables have not been a big part of my life.

When the boys were growing up I insisted that Jeff never ask me to try things in front of them, as I didn’t want to say no and impress upon them my food hang-ups. Thankfully, Jared will pretty much eat anything; he’ll definitely try everything once and if he doesn’t like it (and there’s not much he doesn’t like) he’ll let us know. Justin, on the other hand, has definitely inherited my finickiness, and there’s no medical reason for him to be that way. About the time he reached his teens he made the decision to start eating better and he has really broadened his horizons in the past several years. Now, living on his own for the first time, he’s become a bit of a health nut – to the degree that he will – and it’s a very good thing. I’m thrilled that he is getting over his food hang-ups much younger than I have. It’s taken me this long to start coming around!

In the past year Jeff & I decided to make some dramatic dietary changes. We were never junk food junkies or horrible eaters, but I was not one to make vegetables at night with dinner. We ate a lot of pasta and bread, without focusing much on protein. Now we focus on protein and vegetables. As a result salad is a regular staple in our diet; it’s something we eat daily now. I feel like I live in the grocery store, or I should live there as I’m there often enough. I’ve never spent so much time in the produce section. I’ve definitely spent more time in the produce aisle in the past year than I ever have in my whole life. It’s really good and I’m really glad about it, it’s just different for me. I’m at the grocery store every two to three days buying a fresh head of lettuce, among other produce items. I feel like I should just move into the produce section!

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