Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home James…err, I mean Jeff!

The weather this winter has been extremely harsh, and I know most folks don’t believe me when I say that’s unusual for Great Falls. We’ve had many mild winters, so to have this much snow and ice and cold is unusual for us. We aren’t used to it anymore, or perhaps I should say I’m not used to it. This week has been a blessing in comparison to the past several weeks. We are in the high 30’s to low 40’s daily with some sun, compared to last week’s teen’s and clouds. Folks are back outside wearing shorts and t-shirts! It’s been a very nice, much needed break!

This time last week the roads were sheets of ice. Cars were ice skating all over town and into each other. My little bug is not made for this. I’ve already told Jeff, as much as I LOVE my bug, in 5 to 10 years when I am car shopping again I will want a vehicle that is a little higher off the road IF we are still living in an area where snow is part of our lives. The other school of thought, and I really like this one, is that I have a summer car and a winter car – makes me dream about the days when I can become a snow bird and have a winter home and a summer home! Wishful thinking…

But last week, Jared and I are getting ready to head out for the day – me delivering him to school and myself to work. Jeff says, as always, “Drive safe!” To which I respond that he should be chauffeuring me to work and Jared to school. I reminded him that he is the reason that we live in Montana. (That’s not to say I don’t like it, but it sure works when the weather is crappy – I blame him!) I informed him that if I had my way I’d be living in sunny, 70+ degree Southern California and not driving on an ice rink. To which he responded that if we lived in So Cal he’d have a minimum one hour commute to work. So I gave him two choices, he can either chauffeur me six months out of the year OR he can commute a long distance to work. I really felt I had a sound argument, but he still wasn’t buying…so off to work I drove! I’m just hoping this fair weather holds out a little bit longer as the ice rink is finally starting to thaw!

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